BPM Bubbles

BPM Bubbles Description:

Tricky rhytmic/skill game.


* In this game you use arrow keys to blow bubbles when they appear in the holes.

* Bubbles appear according to rhythm of the music (bpm)

* Groups of bubbles may contain from 1 to 3 bubbles of various colors. In each bubble there is a different arrow.

* Each arrow key on the keyboard is assigned to a particular bubble color and arrow direction. However, the layout may change dynamically in the hardest modes of game such as Skill Mode and Survival.

* The purpose of the game is to get a higher score. If more bubble groups in a row are blown without any mistakes, you get a larger “Combo” multiplier for your score.

* “Time Match” is a simplified mode where you are allowed to make unlimited number of mistakes within the given time.




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