Crazy Go Nuts 2

Crazy Go Nuts 2 Description:

Crazy Go Nuts 2 packs even more squirrel blasting fun! Shoot your squirrel out of a cannon to collect as many nuts as you can. Collect stars, or hit birds and hidden baddies to boost your multiplier. You can even catch him on fire to clear out the board in one shot. Beat the target score to unlock more levels and progress.

The sequel contains 40 levels, bonus rounds, mini games, 6 kinds of nuts, 7 kinds of different walls and structures, customizable squirrels, medals, and much, much, more.


Hit as many nuts as you can to earn stars. Fill up your star meter and start earning massive points. Look for birds or the big nut for extra bonuses. Use gems, clone nuts, and fire nuts strategically to maximize your score.

You'll need to reach the target score on each level to unlock the next stage.




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