Life Ark 5

Life Ark 5 Description:

Following their monumental escape from the monster blackhole, The Life Arkeans travelled through non-space to enter an entirely new universe.

After eons of travel they come across a suitable solar system of planets, with one inhabited world... the Earth!

In their giant space craft, the Life Ark refugees land on what is known by the locals as North America, accidentally squashing several states in the process!

Your task is to set things right with the humans and undo the damage done to the planetary surface.

You must also placate the humans by fixing their atmosphere!

If you succeed in this task, your next objective is to establish a colony on the moon.

Once the moon has been prepared, then you can finally make a new home for your species... and hopefully not destroy anything else in the process!

You must use resources available in the solar system to achieve your goals and try not to hurt the humans in the process.

Good luck!






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