Ninja Robot 2

Ninja Robot 2 Description:

Ninja Robot 2 Challenged Skill is a new ultimate robot ninja game! Play 14 amazing levels full of action. Control the ninja robot with the arrow keys and collect all special things like stars etc. Unlock the doors by the handles, reach to the end of the level to proceed to the next level. There is a timer so be quick! This action packed game has 14 great levels of fun. At the end of each level you will get a secret code, so next time you can start the level where you left.

Bar HP = indicates HP of ninja if you hit the fire, laser or enemy. If it is empty the Ninja will crash and you will loose a life. Bar MP = Shows MP ninja, it will be reduced when moving the ninja. If you do nothing it will increase. If it is empty you will crash and loose a life.


Use the keyboard arrow keys to move and to fly.




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