Patchword Description:

Patchword is a word game that involves creating words with pictures and letters. The player sews a quilt of words with various patches. Each word is worth points depending on word length, patches used and multipliers.


Drag patches onto the quilt area to form words. Click the checkbox button or press enter to submit a word and sew it into the quilt. There are 3 game modes: Time Attack: Get as many words and the biggest score you can in a limited amount of time. The first level requires 6 words. Each level after that requires one more. As you progress a level multiplier will be added to your score. Limited Letters: Using only the patches you start with, try to get the highest score you can. There is no time limit in this mode. Full Quilt: You have all of the patches to come up with 6 of the highest scoring words you can think of. There is no time limit in this mode.




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