Study Hall

Study Hall Description:

Everybody can relate to wasting time in Study Hall. Especially by flinging pencils sky-high to see if they will stick in the acoustic tile.

Study Hall adds a bit of imagination and fantasy to that environment by allowing you to play an imaginary game of self-contained pong on top of your virtual desktop.


Use your Arrow Keys to rotate the pencil box, trying to hit the colored ball on the same-colored pencil.

If you are moving too fast, press space-bar to put on the brakes.

Making combos increases your scoring bonus. Get 14 hits in a row and you can grow your mega-bonus up to 14 times! You will also slow down your ball, which is key to a long game.

The points add up fast, but so does the challenge as your ball picks up speed. We hope you enjoy this addictive little game.

The IQ Games Crew




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