Top Webcam Chat Game

Top Webcam Chat Game Description:

The world's first video chat music game!

JABBO™ is a video chat game that uses your webcam to detect movement.

Now with JABBO Live, you can thump to the beat of catchy tunes while meeting new people over webcam!

Don't want to be seen on webcam but want to play JABBO Live? Don't worry, JABBO Live provides an option to protect your identity while you play!


The basic goal is simple - jab one of the squares on top of your screen as the colored circles fully enter it.

If you jab the square at just the right time, you are awarded 10 points - a perfect jab. If you jab the square a little too early or a little too late, you are awarded only 1 point.

However, if you allow an orange circle to pass throught a grey square without jabbing it, 5 points get deducted off your score.




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