Wordspector Description:

Solve Mystery Words with the help of colour coded clues. Words get longer as the game progresses.


The goal is to solve Mystery Words with the help of colour coded clues. Points are awarded based on the time used and guesses needed.

1) Enter a word using either the mouse or the keyboard. (Clicking a letter on the input area removes it and all following letters. Given letters can’t be removed.)

2) Click Submit. The word is added to the word list enhanced with colour coded clues. The colours reveal whether or not the letters in your word appear in the Mystery Word:

GREEN = The letter appears in the same place
ORANGE = The letter appears, but in a different place
BEIGE = The letter doesn't appear in the Mystery Word
BROWN = Given letter (must be used in all submitted words)

3) Based on the clues, create another word.
4) Repeat until the mystery is solved!

Note: you can retry as many times as you want after losing, but if you make it through the entire game without a single retry, your final score will be DOUBLED! (Quitting the game and continuing later counts as a retry.)




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