Quest of Legends

Quest of Legends Description:

Quest of Legends is a multiplayer turn based action adventure game that plays like a traditional offline fantasy board game. With up to four players taking part, Quest of Legends offers a great social experience that can be enjoyed with friends, family or your clan/guild and other Quest of Legends online players.

The core game sends players on an adventure to explore dungeons, fight monsters, search for treasure and complete quests.

Quest of legends is free-to-play however players can use micro-transactions to purchase new weapons, equipment and spells from the in-game item shop.

Key Features:
Single and Multi-player (up to 4 players) turn based action adventure
Offers players a great, bite sized, social experience
Gorgeous pixel art with a beautiful Egyptian themed tile set
Explore dungeons, fight monsters, search for treasure and complete quests
Free-to-play with in-game micro-transaction shop


Play through Quest One in Single Player mode for full instructions




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