Tobe’s Great Escape

Tobe’s Great Escape Description:

Yet again trapped in a crumbling cave, Tobe must try his best to escape. Without additional items and power up to aid him here, Tobe now has to make the great escape with his wall maneuver, running and jumping from all over, while collecting treasures and rescuing animals. Run as far as you can, in this addictive endless platformer.

- Simple but addictive gameplay
- 16 achievements to be completed
- Leaderboard to challenge your opponent


Tobe is always running at top speed, but that's not enough to survive here.

- Press "Up Arrow" and "Left Click" to jump.
- Hold the key for a long jump.
- Jump towards a wall to start a wall run.
- You can jump off a wall while wall running
- Press key by a side wall and start running by it.

Learn what are the things in the cave that can help you and you'll do fine... Actually, no - this is a high score game, which means you'll eventually die. But hey, at least you tried!

P.S. Get your achievements will help increase your score.




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